Aleksandra & Thomas

I am so glad that I stumbled across Malvina’s Photography. She was both a photographer and videographer at our wedding. I have to point out that her approach to her clients is just outstanding. Firstly, she suggested we meet in person to have a look at the places where we wanted to have our session. She not only gave useful advice, but also offered some practical ideas on how to save time and make the day run smoothly. Our wedding was small and we didn’t have a wedding planner, so all those tips proved to be useful.
During the wedding day she wasn’t just doing a job, she was part of the wedding as if she was our close friend. She helped us look perfect by, for example, fixing the groom’s tie or making my veil look nice. She made us feel comfortable and relaxed during what is easily an extremely stressful moment.
For me it was important to have, of course, some traditional photos, but it was more important to get some live and creative photos, I didn’t want to have photos ‘just like everyone does’. This is where Malvina is the best in the industry. She knows what you want! The was she experimented with angles, lighting, positions, it’s pure magic! My husband and I are no models, she instructed us how to look the best. (I personally asked to remind me about my bad posture ha-ha).

As a compliment, she did us a few shots in the evening at the sunset. To say that they are stunning would mean I won’t say anything. I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants a true professional to create a customized photography experience. Hopefully, Malvina will become part of our family event in the future.

Monika & Aleksey

Thank you for the incredible photos, attitude at work and the mood that you gave us on this day! Thanks to you, we will remember our smiles and the most cherished moments.