How to book a photoshoot with me?

To book a date, write to me in the "Contacts" section or contact me in any other convenient way. After discussing the event , confirming the date, signing the contract and making an advance payment, the shooting date will be reserved for you.

How many photographs we received from a wedding day?

On average, for a 10-hour shoot at a wedding celebration, you get from 800-1000 processed photos. Depending on the fullness and length of the day, there may be more photos.

how fast we will receive photographs?

Usually, it takes about three weeks to process photos. If the photos are needed urgently, we can discuss and agree on the terms for you.

where are you located? 

Currently in Nashville TN ,USA, but I often visit different parts of the world. I love to travel. It may turn out that on the date you have planned, I will be in Europe, feel free to write to me and I will contact you to clarify the possibility of shooting.